Server Room Building
We help our clients in building their server room in the most cost effective way. Our proposal details cover walls or partitions, internal partitions, wall finishing, raised floor, floor panel fitting, conduit/ trunk and false ceiling. A professional built server room should have covered the aspects of temperature and relative huminidty ranges, prevention of water leakage and fire prevention.

Virtualization (VM)
Server virtualization has been a revolutionary data center technology for those who administer and manage it. Unfortunately, not many companies implement this technology. Although it has gained its market share for quite sometime, server virtualization technology is still far from being mastered, especially in large enterprises and data centers.
Virtualization enables server consolidation & cost savings, improve routine IT administrative tasks, moving running virtual machines, image-based back and restores, simplified disaster recovery.

Network Cabling/ Wireless Network
Building an efficient and enterprise-class network backbone is our core business. It’s critical to maintain an adaptable network and accomplishing application scale, consolidation, and business continuity. If you do not have a worldclass network infrastrucuture, all your business applications will not run smoothly and efficiency and stability of applications will compromise. MVF engineers help you rethink your network infrastructure. With us, you can achieve the highest efficiency and get the most from your operational resources.

IT Outsourcing
It is not easy to engage, sustain and manage turnover of technical personnel nowadays. Technolgy changes everyday, business is getting competitive. Business owner should focus more on the business, let the headache part to us. We have solid technical team which can covers programming role, IT support role and hardware repair job. Our outsourcing model will be based on agreed onsite timetable or appointment basis.

We can customize a package to you based on your requirements, the cost will be very much lower than hiring yourself.

Share with us your requirements, we would like to hear from you.