HRIS is a complete window based solution for company's human resource management. It is not only human resource, it is an integrated solution suitable for any environment. It consists of four major modules: Time Attendance, Payroll, Human Resource and KPI.

Automated Payroll Payroll module represents a new generation of payroll processing to provide an extremely flexible solution that can be integrated to the Time & Attendance System (TAMS) and other modules so that calculating payroll is highly accurate. It automates your entire payroll process accurately and manages all the information required to administer any forms of allowances / deductions. It also simplifies the usage and solves the most complex payroll calculations and frees you from the headaches of common payroll tasks.

Time Attendance System Integrated with world class biometric device, TAMS performs the most user-friendly and robust attendance tracking system functions. Formed by desktop and web modules, users able to access and review their attendance record anytime, anywhere.

Canteen Subsidy System By making use of world class biometric device, our solution performs the meal entitlement validation checks, with robust scanning, menu selection and tracking system functions. Meal allowance is tightly integrated with our HR solution.

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