Barcode is significant in the world of automation software. It helps by reducing the error and increasing the productivity. One of the longest overall processes in enterprise is the Supply Chain. From the reception of goods or raw materials to warehousing, customer returns, production related works, work in progress, storage of WIP or finished goods, transport and final billing, a supply chain strongly needed the automating of barcoding to reduce manual intervention,eliminate mistake, improve accuracy and boast productivity.

Benefits of Barcode Automation
- Improve data accuracy
- Automate warehouses and production process
- Optimize your process flow
- Improve supply chain logistics efficiency
- Boost productivity by minimizing human error

Barcode Automation Coverage
- Warehouse Management
- Inventory Control
- Warehouse Picking List
- Warehouse Putaway List
- Container Loading Instruction List
- Stock Take
- Point of Sales
- Asset Tagging
- Product Tracking (QR Code)
- Product Serial Number

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