Surveilance Camera (CCTV)
We specialized in CCTV installation and maintenance plan. All the CCTV images can be easily captured and integrated to any software system. We have successful installation sites at factory, warehouse, shopping mall and office.

Custom Built DIY Kiosk
We can be your on stop kiosk solution provider. We provide custom enclosure design, manufacture, software development, hardware automation services to you. OVer the years, our capabilities have been exercised and proven in critical and heavy duty installation sites.

Industrial PC and Automation IO
We offer one-stop service model to integrate embedded boards and systems, software integration, displays, peripherals and etc. To address the market for IoT applications, all embedded solutions can be integrated with all types of wireless data acquisition solutions. Our usual developed modules are software for manageability, security monitoring, sensors reading, etc. Engaging with MVF can save your time of decision making and difficulty to deal with various parties.

Our biometric solutions applies for multi location attendance usage, fingerprint database identification and verification, making use of fingerprint authentication in critical area, validate actual identity, etc. We do have installation for biometric on door access, turnstile, visitor management system, weight bridge and canteen subisdy systems.

We do not consider ourselves as trader in hardware, we know what are we selling and apply them accordingly. We have proven installation sites for reference.
Share with us your requirements, we would like to hear from you.